How To Perform A Reiki Treatment

Since the human body is made up of trillions of cells, the Reiki treatment energizes the mind and body allowing the energy to flow freely through your body, you?ll feel healthier and more alive. Before you can actually feel the benefits of this treatment, it is more important to perform Reiki correctly. Once you have learned Reiki it can be performed by you on yourself or on others to help them live a healthier and enjoyable life. Here are the fundamentals to help you get started.

Before, you can get fully involved you must begin by preparing for the Reiki treatment.

Reiki Preparation

Before attending the first workshop, there are a few basic things to keep in mind

Avoid drinking any alcohol at least 48 hours before the workshop. Alcohol slows or restricts the flow of Reiki through your body.
Avoid eating meat, fish or any types of processed foods for at least 24 hours before attending the workshop. These foods like proteins and processed foods take more time to digest thus taking more energy from your body during the digestive process.
(Optional) meditate each day before you attend your first Reiki workshop.

The Morning Of The Workshop

Get up earlier than normal so you can prepare for the day
Energize your body with a gentle walk or jog
Avoid tea or coffee, however you can consume natural herbal tea
Eat only fruit for breakfast. Fruit will provide more energy for the workshop
Come to the Reiki workshop with an open mind and spirit. This creates a state of positive energy which will help you get through the day.

During the workshop you will go through several stages starting with the initiation ceremony in which the Reiki master connects you (the student) to the universal life force. This is achieved by using ancient symbols and mantras (holy words) to activate and direct the energy. Within the initiation, you will receive your first attunement which will activate all seven chakra. After the ceremony energy will start to flow through your hands and you?ll start your 21-day cleansing and detoxification cycle through the chakra. The objective is to activate all 7-chakra with each taking 24 hours. This happens 3 times.

Once you have gone through these stages, you?ll be able to use the Reiki attunement on
Other Adults
And Many More..

Performing The Reiki Treatment

Once you have received your Reiki attunement, you?ll have the ability to use the universal life force to help others. However, it is important that before you use this treatment on others that you have mastered it for yourself. Self healing is the starting point for personal development and self discovery.

Here?s a typical self-healing session.

In the beginning, it is important to follow a set of hand positions which will be illustrated within the Reiki treatment guide. Once you have mastered the hand positions, you may wish to work with music to add to the relaxation. On completion of the self Reiki treatment, drink a large glass of water and close you eyes so you can pay close attention to your internal thoughts and emotions.

Performing The Reiki Treatment On Others

Treating others with Reiki must be done in a clean, quiet room. Remove all jewellery and all tight clothing must be removed like belt, ties and shoes. Avoid alcohol and your clients personal hygiene must be adequate meaning you must smell and appear fresh.

Important Information

Never perform Reiki to an individual with a pacemaker since Reiki can potentially alter the rhythm. Never perform the Reiki treatment on anyone suffering from Diabetes Mellitus and taking insulin injections.

Starting the treatment is extraordinary since the person you are treating will be on the path to a healthier and spiritual life. When starting

Ensure your client is lying flat on the therapy table with their arms down by their sides. Their legs should also be flat against the table and must not be crossed as this may block the flow of Reiki. Gently lay your hands on your clients? body. Keep them in each position for between three to five minutes. As you become more experienced use your intuition.
Your hands should be cupped with your fingers firmly closed as though you were trying to hold water. This keeps the channel strong between your client and the universal life force. If your fingers are open Reiki can escape just as water would slip through your open fingers.

In the case of burnt skin or a clients? genitals and breasts hold your hands just above their body.

With all Reiki treatment classes and guides, you will be given a complete walk-through on how to perform these position and illustrations will be provided.

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