A Defining Moment of Self Discovery

Unlocking The Mystery - Sabrina Tells All
Have you ever felt left behind and that life seems to pass you by, so quickly in fact that you barely have a moment to catch your breath? If I were to ask you the one question of all questions, it would be difficult to answer as quickly as it had been asked, could you do it?
Please introduce yourself...who are you? No, not what is your name. Who are you, what do you believe in, what are you passionate about, and what deep secrets have you buried, truly afraid to utter a word for fear someone may hear you?

Allow me to go first, I am Sabrina Delaney of RWadvancements. On the surface, I am compelled to foster growth and compassion among women, humanity in general. I am deeply and passionately driven to help others succeed and accomplish the "what if" in life. But below the surface, that is where the real mystery unfolds. Life is a journey, self-expression is the reward and challenges are the keys that provide strength.
You and I, will embark on a journey through life's mysteries. I will be sharing with you many topics of relationships, abuse, building self-esteem, when Mr. Right was really Mr. Wrong and how to know the difference, challenges, humor, career, wedding bliss, communication, breaking old habits, how to conquer painful experiences and how to survive the test of time.

I would enjoy getting to know you, and I hope that you will stop by to view my latest updates with travel, planning weddings or commitment ceremonies, our boutiques and to meet our chefs. A very important part of this journey is to understand where you have been, where you are now and learning how to celebrate who you are by embracing the opportunities life has to offer through self-expression. Are you passionate about cooking and want to learn more? There are so many ways to pursue self-expression.
You are encouraged to follow "Sabrina Tells All" and to share your questions so that we may travel this journey together. There is nothing more powerful than unlocking the mystery and realizing what can emerge in the process.Letter to Sabrina
Dear Sabrina:
I like feeling special. You know, when a guy spends time with me and tells me that he wants to be with only me. The other day he promised that we would spend time together but he never showed up. I heard rumors about him and his old girlfriend. I know we fought over stupid stuff and maybe I deserved it at least a little. You know, he has called me some names and he made fun of me in front of some friends the other night. I didn't like it and I told him so. I don't know, I don't think he took it seriously and now I don't know what to think. Can you help me to understand?
Bewildered and not feeling so special right now. - Sofia -

Relationships can be very complex and not necessarily black and white in nature. I will answer your question with the information that you provided. First, I would like to encourage you to listen to your inner voice. It is a shame that it is so easy to become lost in a jungle of confusion, but our inner voice can help to show us the way if we allow it to. The key is to listen with your reasoning and not with your heart. Our emotional self seems so often to dictate and tug at our heart strings, but our inner voice really is the voice of reason.
At first you will be challenged and torn between both dimensions, but in time you will master the control over your heart. In doing so, you will have the ability to stand tall and not be swayed by tempting words with little value. You will take comfort in knowing that you are in control of your destiny and not merely a pawn in a game of chance.

I wish you the best Sofia. Take time to be kind to yourself, because the most important person in your life to love is you.
- Sabrina Delaney - Blending of Hearts Today, Tomorrow, Into the Future!
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